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Safe Haven Children’s Trust aim to prevent the abandonment, institutionalisation and exploitation of children in Cambodia. We promote and support optimum childhood development ensuring the new generation of Cambodia is given best possible chance.
Safe Haven Children’s Trust was set up in response to a lack of high quality care for vulnerable children and the high rates of needless abandonment into frequently corrupt and/or abusive orphanages.

Currently we are tackling these issues through the provision of daycare, parent support, crisis care, prevention of abandonment and family tracing/reuniting and rehoming programs

We are a very small organization in the UK, managed primarily by the Board. We work closely with a team of volunteers, and we are all very passionate about the work we do.


Benedicta Bywater

Having travelled to Cambodia to volunteer in orphanages what she experienced there has inspired her to set up the Safe Haven Children’s Trust. Shesplits her time between theUK and Cambodia.


Nick Arran

Nick works in the property business in London and the south-east. After being approached by Benedicta, who explained just how bad the conditions currently are for children in Cambodia, he felt that he had to do something to help.

Claudia Wilmot-Smith

Having worked with children in developing countries in the past, Claudia is aware of the issues being tackled by Safe Haven. She is a commercial barrister practising at Quadrant Chambers.

Lydie Saint-Marc Powell

Lydie has a personal connection to Cambodia, where her mother is originally from. After hearing stories from her family about the devastating impact the war has had on the country and seeing it first hand when she went to visit them for the first time in 2009, she had set her mind on doing something positive to support vulnerable people in Cambodia. She strongly believes that whenever possible, abandonment of children should be avoided and not feed the tourism orphanage industry. She brings expertise in fundraising and capacity building to support Safe Haven.

Ian Timmins


Sebastian Paine-Wilson

Child Protection Policy

Safe Haven Children’s Trust takes child protection very seriously. The welfare of children is paramount to our mission. As such, we have implemented a child protection policy. To view our child protection policy please click on the link below:

childprotectionpolicy.pdf pdficon_small

The United Nations has a convention on the Rights of the Child which you can find here:

Convention on the Rights of the Child