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We are delighted to announce that award winning travel company Bamboo Travel has chosen to support Safe Haven Children's Trust.

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£3 could buy a mosquito net and toothbrush for a vulnerable child

£5 could provide a malnourished child with nutritious meals for a week

£10 could pay for an abandoned baby to have a full medical check

£80 could pay the wages of a nanny for a month

£400 could pay for the milk for all the babies in our care for a month

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My Summer at Mlop Children’s Home: A Volunteer’s Story

When I first agreed to go to Cambodia, I was full of idealism with no real concept of what awaited me. I wanted to give something back and I had a skill to share. Conversations with Benedicta only furthered my desire to help as I learned what the people in Cambodia have faced in recent years. In the West, it is all too easy to remain ignorant of the plight of the less developed world and I had remained ignorant, even if unwittingly. But as I spoke with my old friend, I became more and more passionate about using the benefits of my (sometimes underappreciated) education to help her children. She spoke about them with such pride and passion, sentiments I know well from my work in state schools in Britain, that her enthusiasm was immediately contagious.

I ventured forth with some trepidation as it had been a while since I had travelled across the globe alone and I had become used to my creature comforts. However, upon arriving in Phnom Penh, I felt like I was home. Though the people may have suffered greatly in recent decades, they seem to lack the outward aggression and suspicion that can seem all too familiar in London from time to time. Suddenly every face held a smile and transition between life in England and life in Cambodia was an easy one. My time was filled with new adventures and close bonds with kindred spirits, both native and visiting.

Pheakdey, the centre’s manager, was on hand throughout my time with constant offers of assistance and this, paired with his easy manner with the children and his kindness towards staff and villagers alike, made him easy to warm to – […]

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Florence, You inspire us….

Dear Readers,

We have been blessed to have many volunteers who have helped in numerous ways over the past years. Florence Heathcoat-Amory, stands tall amongst them. She has inspired us by overcoming her own battle against Diabetes. Today’s write up is dedicated to her.

Florence grew up in England and spent her summers in Scotland. Her mom is an artist, focusing on landscapes and portraits. Her dad was in the property business. Her childhood was also deeply influenced by her Violin teacher, and even today Florence plays the Violin for an Orchestra. Florence studied History of Arts at Courtauld Institute of Art, London. She is right now an intern at Sotheby’s Art house and we wish her the very best in the future.

Florence feels incredibly grateful for having a secure, loving childhood. She recognizes that she is lucky and wanted to make a difference for those who aren’t. She loves Children and Safe Haven’s home Mlop in Cambodia was a chance to experience a new culture and also contribute to improving a child’s life. She spent two months at Mlop and taught the children arts & crafts, played football and organized many “play and learn” activities. Her happiest moments were when the children all sat around her, eager to learn. Today, she worries that her departure has taken away a chance some of the kids had at gaining knowledge, leading better lives.

Personally, Florence says her life and ways have changed in many ways. She was touched when the local volunteers would urge her to eat more at meal times. A gesture, meaning to say they cared for her. She was also amazed at how much she could communicate with the local volunteers who did not speak […]

Celebrating Children’s Day at Mlop

Dear Readers,

On June 1, every year, the world celebrates “International Day for Protection of Children”. At Mlop, for the second year in a row, this day was celebrated as Children’s Day. The centre was opened to the children and families from the villages in the local area that we work with.  It helped raise awareness about Mlop and our projects with the local community.

The day included many fun activities, games, yummy food and time for unstructured play. The children were the focus of the whole day. The teachers and parents participated in information sessions about issues such as child protection, children’s rights, appropriate activities, nutirion etc. The goal was to get to know the families better.

Words fail to capture the joy in the children’s faces, here are a few pictures.

Click here to see more pictures of the day.

Pheakdey, Safe Haven’s Co-founder in Cambodia, summed up his memories of the day. “We all had fun. The hard work put into organizing the event was so worth it. The children were really happy and could express their feelings through drawings. We would love to create more programs for Children’s day next year.”

This year the entire event was sponsored by Safe Haven but next year we hope to get an external sponsor and expand the event to more communities in the area. Our team is looking forward to having an even better celebration next year, our third Children’s day party. If you would like to more about what we do or would like to organize/ sponsor an event please write to

Signing off until next time,

Taruna for Safe Haven Children’s Trust

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    Davy Khy – Volunteering, touching lives, re-discovering roots

Davy Khy – Volunteering, touching lives, re-discovering roots

Dear Readers,

I am a new volunteer at Safe Haven, this is my first blog for Safe Haven – personal milestone. Speaking with older volunteers has helped me learn more about the cause and ways I can help by. I am now writing blogs based on my conversations with other volunteers, this might be useful to those of you looking for a cause to help with, a reason to be involved or just interested in what we do here. Today, I will be writing about Davy Khy and her experiences while volunteering for Safe Haven.

Davy is what you would call Destiny’s child. Her parents escaped to the United States after fleeing the genocide in Cambodia. She and her two sisters were brought up by her Mother, a single mom, who has also been the biggest influence in her life. Davy, like her mother, is strong, independent and chases her after goals. Growing up in the USA, Davy graduated from Tufts University with a BA in Economics and Women’s Studies. She started her career in wealth management but realized her true calling as a Merchandise Planner in the Fashion Industry. Davy was living the dream of a girl in fashion – traveling to Paris and more.

However, she soon felt that she was no longer giving back to the community as much as she did as a kid. She felt caught up in the day to day affairs of a working professional. This simmering sentiment and emotional ties to Cambodia took her there for five weeks earlier this year. Instead of a touristic holiday, Davy decided to spend these at Mlop Children’s Home – Safe Haven’s center for children. Many of these children have been abandoned as babies. Davy did a lot of […]


A new baby boy has come to stay at Mlop. His name is Pirun.

He was abandoned at birth. He is severely premature, and still very weak but we will provide him with the best possible care we can, and get him into a loving family as soon as possible.

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    A very interesting article, with a good plug for Safe Haven…

A very interesting article, with a good plug for Safe Haven…

Michael Bywater wrote the following article about the Khmer Rouge and Colin Coterill’s new book, and included a little bit about Safe Haven. Definitely worth a read:

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The challenge is on… Please get donating and promoting!

Safe Haven has been chosen to take part in an online fundraising challenge, set by the website GlobalGiving.

If we are going to pass this challenge, we are going to need your help! We have 1 month to raise £2,000 from at least 50 people, ending on 21st December.

Please visit our project page and give what you can:

Just £7 will pay for full medical checks for a vulnerable child. Your £7 could save a child’s life.

We would be most grateful if you could send this link to your contacts and encourage people to take part. We’ll keep you posted with how we’re getting on… THANK YOU

PS – The project raising the most money gets a £1500 bonus prize, 2nd place gets £750 and 3rd place gets £500. The project that has the highest number of unique donors will also gain a bonus prize of £500. It would be absolutely fantastic for Safe Haven to benefit from this.

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1 Safe Haven Trustee, 1 month, 1 moustache

Following the inspiration on Movember, one of our wonderful Trustees, Mr Nick Arran, has decided to grow a huge bushy ‘tache in aid of Safe Haven. Please sponsor him, both for the children, and for the amusement of everyone who knows him.

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Bella Melea and Friends @ Mlop

Here are the beautiful Bella Melea, Chan, Dara, Sopheaset and little Chea in his cot.
Thanks to YOU, these children are safe and (all going well) will be living back in the community within 2-3 months, and even better, almost all will be with their own families.
Thank you, and please do keep giving: