Trustee Lydie Powell recently went to visit Mlop and has been compelled to lead our Christmas Appeal. Here is her story:

My name is Lydie Powell and I’m one of the Trustees of Safe Haven Children’s Trust. I recently went to visit the work we do in the Takmao province in Cambodia and was amazed by what I saw.

I would like to tell you about a little boy whose story really touched me.

Nara on arrival at Mlop


Nara is five-years old. He came to our centre when he was just two- days old because of a very complex and difficult family situation; his mother suffered from an abusive alcoholic husband and asked us to take Nara in because she feared for his safety. Time went by and she eventually left her husband.

Unfortunately, Nara’s mother still cannot take him back. She has another six children and with a daily salary of only $5 and is sadly not in a position to look after Nara.

For the last five years, we have been looking after Nara and he is one of the few children who have to live at the centre on a permanent basis. It is only recently that his mother relinquished

her rights as a parent to let us proceed seeking an adoptive family for her boy.

Nara, after a few months with us


“In Cambodia, social workers do not have the power to remove children to their families, unless there is clear evidence of physical or sexual abuse. And even this is difficult to prove. This makes our work more challenging because all we can do is be there and try to work with families to make sure children are treated fairly.”

Sam, Mlop Centre Manager

It has taken us a long time to get there, but we have now managed to find a local family who would love to adopt him and can give him a safe and loving environment.

We look after up to 60 children everyday from impoverished communities in the Takmao province. We work hard to provide them with access to healthcare, education and a better start in life.

We couldn’t do this work without the support of our donors and supporters. Your gift today of £10, £20 or £50 will make a huge difference to the children we have in our care.

£10 could pay for four health and medical treatments for children

£20 could pay for parenting classes for a month, enabling us to help parents

£50 could pay for food and drink for one child for an entire month

I hope you will help with our appeal.


Thank You,



You can donate online with debit or credit cards at JustGiving:

By Text

Text SHCT01 followed by the amount to 70070. e.g. SHCT01 £10. You can choose from the following amounts: £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 and £10 up to a maximum of £30 per month which is added onto your phone bill.