Pheakdey, my co-director at Mlop Children’s Home, and I went to the Child Welfare Group meeting (set up by Unicef) this morning. Several very interesting organisations are represented there, but sadly for me it is entirely in Khmer and my basic knowledge of the language is nowhere near enough to keep up. Thankfully Pheakdey was on hand to summarise. They want us to get involved in a radio show promoting child rights and the proper treatment of children in Cambodia. A very interesting prospect…
We then spent the afternoon attempting to navigate the Khmer beaurocratic system in order to get some registration related questions answered.
The rules for registration change all the time, which can be highly frustrating.
Today we discovered that our costs to register with the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Social Affairs has gone up to a terrifying $1900.00 – the equivalent of almost 3 months rent for our property.
This has been a bit of a shock, but with your support we will find a way to get everything processed and organised. We have a wonderful consultant who works for the Ministry of Social Affairs who helps guide us through and advise us – I don’t know where we would be without her!

All donations towards registration costs HUGELY welcome: