Dear Readers,

On June 1, every year, the world celebrates “International Day for Protection of Children”. At Mlop, for the second year in a row, this day was celebrated as Children’s Day. The centre was opened to the children and families from the villages in the local area that we work with.  It helped raise awareness about Mlop and our projects with the local community.

The day included many fun activities, games, yummy food and time for unstructured play. The children were the focus of the whole day. The teachers and parents participated in information sessions about issues such as child protection, children’s rights, appropriate activities, nutirion etc. The goal was to get to know the families better.

Words fail to capture the joy in the children’s faces, here are a few pictures.

Click here to see more pictures of the day.

Pheakdey, Safe Haven’s Co-founder in Cambodia, summed up his memories of the day. “We all had fun. The hard work put into organizing the event was so worth it. The children were really happy and could express their feelings through drawings. We would love to create more programs for Children’s day next year.”

This year the entire event was sponsored by Safe Haven but next year we hope to get an external sponsor and expand the event to more communities in the area. Our team is looking forward to having an even better celebration next year, our third Children’s day party. If you would like to more about what we do or would like to organize/ sponsor an event please write to

Signing off until next time,

Taruna for Safe Haven Children’s Trust