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I am a new volunteer at Safe Haven, this is my first blog for Safe Haven – personal milestone. Speaking with older volunteers has helped me learn more about the cause and ways I can help by. I am now writing blogs based on my conversations with other volunteers, this might be useful to those of you looking for a cause to help with, a reason to be involved or just interested in what we do here. Today, I will be writing about Davy Khy and her experiences while volunteering for Safe Haven.

Davy is what you would call Destiny’s child. Her parents escaped to the United States after fleeing the genocide in Cambodia. She and her two sisters were brought up by her Mother, a single mom, who has also been the biggest influence in her life. Davy, like her mother, is strong, independent and chases her after goals. Growing up in the USA, Davy graduated from Tufts University with a BA in Economics and Women’s Studies. She started her career in wealth management but realized her true calling as a Merchandise Planner in the Fashion Industry. Davy was living the dream of a girl in fashion – traveling to Paris and more.

Volunteer Davy Khy at MlopHowever, she soon felt that she was no longer giving back to the community as much as she did as a kid. She felt caught up in the day to day affairs of a working professional. This simmering sentiment and emotional ties to Cambodia took her there for five weeks earlier this year. Instead of a touristic holiday, Davy decided to spend these at Mlop Children’s Home – Safe Haven’s center for children. Many of these children have been abandoned as babies. Davy did a lot of work around the center, she cooked for the children, taught the teachers new games and played with the children too. She also researched fund raising methods using her skills from the Fashion industry such as selling hand embroidered products made by nannies or the mothers in the community.

One thing that Davy found particularly memorable was the love that the children gave her, right from the beginning. She felt the kids, in spite of their circumstance were “happy, bubbly, loving and so FUN!”. She goes on to say “I fell in love with this one kid (photographed above), as soon as he would see me, he would crawl and dive into my lap.” Davy thinks of her childhood as a time when she was free spirited, full of dreams and always imagining a better life.  Today, she says “It makes me sad when I think of their village, the poor families. I wish I can do more!. I hope all the babies are reunited with their families and find warm loving homes. “

We thank Davy for what she has done so far and her continued assistance. Please write to if you want to know how you can help.

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Taruna for Safe Haven Children’s Trust