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We have been blessed to have many volunteers who have helped in numerous ways over the past years. Florence Heathcoat-Amory, stands tall amongst them. She has inspired us by overcoming her own battle against Diabetes. Today’s write up is dedicated to her.

Florence grew up in England and spent her summers in Scotland. Her mom is an artist, focusing on landscapes and portraits. Her dad was in the property business. Her childhood was also deeply influenced by her Violin teacher, and even today Florence plays the Violin for an Orchestra. Florence studied History of Arts at Courtauld Institute of Art, London. She is right now an intern at Sotheby’s Art house and we wish her the very best in the future.

Florence feels incredibly grateful for having a secure, loving childhood. She recognizes that she is lucky and wanted to make a difference for those who aren’t. She loves Children and Safe Haven’s home Mlop in Cambodia was a chance to experience a new culture and also contribute to improving a child’s life. She spent two months at Mlop and taught the children arts & crafts, played football and organized many “play and learn” activities. Her happiest moments were when the children all sat around her, eager to learn. Today, she worries that her departure has taken away a chance some of the kids had at gaining knowledge, leading better lives.

Personally, Florence says her life and ways have changed in many ways. She was touched when the local volunteers would urge her to eat more at meal times. A gesture, meaning to say they cared for her. She was also amazed at how much she could communicate with the local volunteers who did not speak any English. She was surprised to see that the children were so receptive, flocking to anyone giving them love, taking no time to all to get to know a new caregiver.

She says “I wish Safe Haven grows bigger, gets better facilities and does not have to worry about funding.” Florence herself has recently raised £785.00 towards this goal. Here is her page – Despite being a diabetic, Florence cycled from London to Brighton, a distance of 54 miles. For this and more, we want to take a moment, and say “Thank You”. Volunteers like Florence, help us not only with generous donations, but showing us that we all can overcome difficulties that come our way.

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Taruna for Safe Haven Children’s Trust