Things are going very well here at Mlop Children’s Home.
We have been buying furniture, painting, getting the garden ready and so much more.
We now have a fully set up office (albeit without internet) and our administrator/bookkeeper is working very hard and making sure everything is in order.
Our nanny is making pillows and cushions for the kids, keeping the house looking beautiful and preparing activity plans for our daycare programme (which we hope will begin next week).
We have a wonderful architectural consultant out here who is helping design a child-focused environment with all sorts of different areas, all using sustainable and local materials.
And in addition to all this, Pheakdey and I have just been up to Battambang to meet with our potential partner orphanage. The meeting went fantastically well, and it is looking very hopeful that we will have a formal partnership agreement within the next 2 months.
Once again, keep your fingers tightly crossed!